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Monday Mixes

To start off the week on the right foot, here come some of Graded's own musicians. These hits will definitely pump up your day!

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Adeus, Coutinho

Eduardo Coutinho, considerado um dos cineastas mais importantes do cinema brasileiro, faleceu semana passada no dia dois de fevereiro. Conhecido pelos seus vários trabalhos incluindo Edifício Master e Cabra Marcado para Morrer, Coutinho marcou a vida de muitos brasileiros e estrangeiros com a sua sensibilidade e visão artística.

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The Caricature Guessing Game

How well you do you know Graded's teachers? Whether you see them every other day in class, or have just caught a glance at them in the halls, this guessing game drawn by Joachim dos Santos is sure to test your recognition skills.

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Humans of Graded

This semester, Talonline will start a series of posts named "Humans of Graded," inspired by Brandon Stanton's blog Humans of New York. Students and faculty will be featured in these posts so check back to see your friends, teachers and maybe even yourself!

"What was the happiest moment of your life?"
"When I first got my cat, Indie."

"What has been making you happy, lately?"
"Doing my own thing. In a sense, being alone. I enjoy being 
alone. Just being in my room and looking inwards."

"What have you been struggling with, lately?"
"I've been struggling with finding more time for my family. That's
 my biggest struggle: I've been working too much."

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Monthly Munches

Since most people never seem to be able to find the monthly cafeteria schedule, Talonline brings you February's nutritional choices. Plan accordingly.

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Celebrity Culture

Jack Gleeson, better know in character as Joeffrey Baratheon in HBO's Game of Thrones, explores Celebrity Culture and its impact at Oxford University. He discusses the cannibalistic and dehumanising nature of the entertainment industry and the wrongful idolization of celebrities as role models. Considering the recent drinking and driving incident with Justin Bieber and the ignorant support of his fans in regards to his arrest, Gleeson's speech is a brutally honest criticism of a society that celebrates fame and fortune with blind reverence.

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Hidden Masterpieces

Unfortunately, students don't often explore the second floor of the Arts Center, missing the opportunity to view their colleagues' creations. Here are a couple pieces that have been on display recently.

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The Second Half Begins

It's the start of the second semester for Graded students and faculty! Though most of us are still getting used to waking up at 7 a.m. instead of noon, the atmosphere on campus is quite vibrant and lively. From fun classes (it is hoped), to seeing your friends again, what is your favorite part about being back?

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At Last: It's Here

The last day of school. How many times have we wished for this day to come? As students clean their lockers and teachers put in the grades and comments, summer vacation is finally around the corner. Check out some happy Graded students as they left campus to go home.

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Level 2

The news is out... After 101 print editions, the Graded Talonistas have taken things to the next level by coming out with the magazine's newest upgrade: an online edition. Don't hesitate any longer--check it out at GradedTalon.com. Take a poll, leave comments, submit a letter, and follow us on Twitter at @gradedtalon!

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A Lesson on Acceptance...

Differences make us unique, so why not celebrate them? Pro Infirmis, a German sponsor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, helps us get closer to what is real and farther from the fantasy of perfection we sometimes aspire to.

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Selfie Time!

You have seen them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. "Selfies," as internet users call them, are pictures one takes of oneself with or without friends. A campaign featured in The Cape Times, however, took this photographic phenomenon to a whole new level. In a fun display, the advertising company Lowe Cape Town turned iconic pictures into "selfies" that were featured in the South African newspaper. The slogan for the campaign could not be more appropriate: "You can't get any closer to the news."

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Inside Out or Outside In?

It's the end of the semester and vacation is creeping up right before our eyes, but we all know what that really means: the infamous Hell Week. Projects, tests, and every other possible assessment are thrown out viciously by seemingly every teacher. Concerned with your mental health and well-being, we at Talonline have thought of the best way to relax, take a breath and keep your heart beating at the standard pace: the Nature Sounds Emulator. If you can't physically go outside, at least take a minute to listen to the sound of the waves--you won't regret it.

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Meu Búfalo Gigante e Eu

Cercado pela rica fauna e flora das florestas indonésias, fotógrafo Dewan Irawan captura várias imagens marcantes das paisagens surreais em seu país, a Indonésia. Apesar de muitas das suas séries serem obras que sensivelmente transmitem emoções, uma delas é especialmente tocante. Irawan retrata nessa série a pureza e ingenuidade do relacionamento criado entre dois meninos e seus búfalos gigantes. Sim, uma relação incomum mas bela mesmo assim. Nas fotos são reveladas cenas comuns da rotina dos meninos que envolvem os animais gigantes. Como se fossem amigos de infância, os meninos e os búfalos vivem uma vida de plena harmonia que é de encher o coração de emoção e encanto.

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A Journey to Education

Sometimes the problems with lack of literacy aren't due to the educational system per se, but its limited access. In Banten, Indonesia, students have to face dangerous paths before even beginning to think about school. Bamboo rafts and broken bridges are not the ideal ways for children as young as 4 years-old to get to school, though perhaps this is only one of the reasons that low-income children are more likely to end up working in fields than classrooms.