A Word from the Editors-in-Chief

You've reached Talonline, the online manifestation of Graded's magazine the Talon. Welcome! For over a decade the Talon has sought to deliver entertaining and thought-provoking content to its readers, and Talonline is no exception. Since its creation three years ago, this website has been run by several dedicated bloggers with the same commitment to quality and accessibility as the Talon itself. Here you'll find intriguing articles, mind-blowing links and astute reporting on Graded events. And don't miss out on the Talon in print, either! We've got a powerhouse staff this year, and if you like the content featured on this blog, don't miss any of the editions we'll be publishing, starting with "Press Start," hitting the stands June 2013. Whether you're reading the Talon on this blog or as a hard copy, we hope you enjoy.

- Mariana Lepecki and Adam Hunt Fertig (a.k.a. Ferpecki)


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