Humans of New York

In 2010, Brandon Stanton began a project in which he planned to create a photographic catalogue of New Yorkers. He originally planned to photograph 10, 000 different people and plot their points on a map. However, over the course of several months, his initial goal began changing. He started collecting quotes and short stories from the models, which he would post on a blog along with the pictures. Three years later, Brendon continues photographing New Yorkers and posting them in his tumblr, Humans of New York. Both the blog and Facebook page have over a million followers. Below are some of our favorite pieces:
"We just got back from prom."
"Did you have dates?"
"Um, yeah."

"I said you could take my picture. Now you're asking me questions and this is turning into a big deal."

"Right after I took this photo, she beat the crap out of me then drove off."


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