Diplomatic Showdown: Part 1

A group of 47 Graded students and faculty traveled all the way to sunny Bahia for a weekend full of coconut water and diplomacy at the Brazil Model United Nations. Throughout the four days of conference, students had the opportunity to debate topics that ranged from the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands to the abortion of anencephalic babies. In their free time, students were also able to enjoy the perks of an all-inclusive 5-star resort. To top it all, students had the chance to participate in the fun BRAMUN Games which included candy-gram, beach and water volleyball and Miss BRAMUN competitions. The night before the General Assembly, the committees were faced with an intense crisis situation and had to work together to diminish the repercussions of a nuclear conflict between Iran, North Korea, the US and Israel. At the closing ceremony Graded students were celebrated by receiving recognition and multiple awards, and by gaining a record six leadership roles for the next BRAMUN.

(Photos by Karen Kandelman)


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